XT Spy


Track the use of other people on your computer



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XT Spy is a tool that allows you to exactly know what other people do on your PC.

It works extremely simple. You only have to run the program, hide it so that others don't know it's there and XTSpy will take care of capturing each keystroke that's being made.

XTSpy, apart from saving logs with the keystrokes, will also register some screenshots of the use of the PC and a report of the visited websites.

This way, you can control the websites your equipment accesses and the conversations that are being made in chat rooms, messaging programs, etc.

XTSpy offer its users a comfortable option to send the reports or logs to a personal account that can be accessed on the internet from any place, so that it's not necessary to be in front of the PC to know what they're doing with it.

Some functions are disabled in this trial version.

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